Development of a Training Programme to Improve the Quality of Life of Persons with Down Syndrome

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Persons with Down syndrome (PDS) have a higher genetic predisposition to obesity, which reduces their quality of life and even their life expectancy. Healthy lifestyles are the way to control obesity in PDS. A sensible approach to nutrition, eating, regular exercise and healthy routines helps to prevent and reduce weight gain in childhood, adolescence and adult life.

Main objective of the project HEALTHY DS is to increase the competences (attitudes, skills, knowledge) of the collective around Down Syndrome (DS) (PDS, families and professionals) about how to prevent and reduce obesity in PDS while increasing their empowerment, through an innovative training programme.

To boost the implementation of the training methodology, ICT tools based on gaming and accessibility will be developed to motivate PDS and facilitate its exploitation: Self-diagnosis of healthy lifestyle, selection of healthy food and activities. To increase communication between PDS, families and professionals an online platform for discussions and exchanges will be launched.

Project Objectives

  • Increasing the awareness and understanding of PDS and their families on the impact of healthy lifestyles and empowerment
  • Collection and evaluation of technical information, existing cases and success factors for transferring healthy lifestyles and empowerment practices
  • Developing a training methodology based on the combination of healthy lifestyle and empowerment approaches
  • Adaptation of the training materials, practical activities and tools to the different capacities of the DS collective
  • Development of accessible and usable ICT Tools for supporting the training methodology

Project Partners

ASINDOWN (Coordinator) - Spain FLA_UV - Spain ALDO-CET - Romania
Down Egyesület - Hungary APPT21 - Portugal IAT - Germany
DDSS - Slovenia